"To consider the school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view. But to consider the school as a preparation for life is another. In the latter case, the school must satisfy all the needs of life.”  - Dr Maria Montessori

Dr Marie Montessori

The Montessori Difference

The Montessori approach imparts skills which support children in reaching their fullest potential as they become lifelong learners. We’ll implement the Montessori methodology to foster the development of your whole child with focus on healthy cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth with the following principals in mind:

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We Follow the Child.

Through careful observation, we’ll determine, respect, and respond to your child’s individualized needs and interests.

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We Prepare the Environment.

With consideration for your child’s absorbent mind and sensitive periods for development, we’ll create and maintain clean, orderly, aesthetically pleasing indoor and outdoor learning environments and provide child-sized materials and hands-on activities which encourage the freedom of choice and safe exploration.  While our specially trained teaching team will demonstrate, guide and redirect, your child will experience countless opportunities for uninterrupted and self-directed learning.  In this way your child will develop concentration, coordination and independence, as well as a true sense of accomplishment.

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We are a Community.

We’ll actively employ Practical Life and Grace and Courtesy lessons in the classroom to foster respect for oneself, others and the environment, as well as practice problem-solving skills to promote peace.  Additionally, our teaching team will join forces with families to instill a spirit of service and inspire children to demonstrate citizenship at home, at school, and in the community at large.


Cornerstone Montessori is proud to partner with Mid Day Meals, a state certified food production company specifically catering to the needs of early childhood education centers, to provide morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.  Mid Day Meals is locally owned and operated and uses quality ingredients to prepare meals and snacks the morning of service. Their regular use of whole grains, locally sourced ingredients, and fresh cut fruit ensure we're providing the best quality food and service available to the kiddos in our care.  This service is offered at a fair price for your convenience.

Mid Day Meals


"My husband, Taylor, and I cannot give enough of a glowing review for Dana and the entire Cornerstone Montessori team.  Not only did they take an interest in our sons’ personal wellbeing, but also set them on an excellent path for academic success.  In addition, they care not only for the kids in their care, but for the entire family.  Their passion for teaching and years of Montessori experience are unlike anything else you will experience in Omaha."

Cassie and Taylor Kohl

"The Montessori learning environment provides hands-on materials and activities geared to each child’s individualized developmental needs and interests.  As a result, the children are comfortable, engaged and growing.  We saw our kids thrive in Ms. Dana's care!"

Mallory and Laine Weisbeck


"As a special education teacher with 27 years of experience children birth - 5 years, I have had the opportunity to coach providers in many community settings. Dana's understanding of development and individualization for each child is superior. I know when I walk into her classroom, she will have detailed information about a child's skills, strategies that have been tried, and a willingness to implement new teaching strategies. I am confident that all children in Dana's classroom are learning to the best of their ability."

Kim Bolan, M.Ed.
Early Childhood Special Education

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